User Experience and Content Strategy for Online Corporate Responsibility Report

Next Era Energy

Online Corporate Responsibility Report

Project Role/Skills
User Experience Strategist
Senior Project Manager
Content Strategy
Site Mapping

NextEra Energy needed a complete website overhaul that would allow them to engage and inform their audience about the challenges, strengths and opportunities that the company experienced throughout the year. They hired thinkPARALLAX to design and develop a digital experience that would achieve both a streamlined and engaging user experience.

My role was to manage the project, handle all client communications, organize all content provided by the client and create the site structure, user experience and wireframes across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Before diving into the user experience strategy, I faced the challenge of converting a 75-page print report into a well-structured and easy-to-navigate online experience. I created an in-depth navigation and site map, selecting strategic language that focused on the audience perspective, making it easy for users to find exactly what was important and relevant to their interests. This allowed NextEra Energy to provide transparent reporting to its audience and avoid burying information within a complex website.

I encouraged the client to consider the user's online attention span when helping them to determine how the sections would be divided and how much content would live on each page. This sitemap allowed me to determine how many unique pages needed to be wireframed before delivering to the designers who would bring the vision to life.

Interactive infographics helped to break down complex information, as well as highlight NextEra Energy’s positive performance this year and its opportunities for next year. “Spotlight” stories, side bar videos and pull quotes helped to bring a more human element to their corporate responsibility story.

The website launched on time and within budget, and with built in CMS, Next Era Energy will be able to use these templates and update content for years to come.

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