User Experience Strategy & Wireframing

While working for thinkParallax, Polycom enlisted our expertise to create a custom online tool that would allow its employees to explore multiple career paths within the organization and set goals for development within the company. This tool is one of the first of its kind, one that is unique to Polycom and their video conferencing and telepresence industry.

My challenge was to envision functionality and user flow for a custom tool that had not yet been created. It required me to reach beyond my usual online inspiration to envision a completely unique user experience. I worked closely with our developer to determine functionality and budget limitations while creating a user-friendly experience for a site with a very large amount of content. I developed wireframes to communicate the goals and plans for site functionality, which would serve as a guide for the designers who would bring the vision to life.

As the senior project manager on the project, I also worked closely with the client to communicate our ideas and creative solutions and ensure that all of their strategic goals were met, while liaising with the developer and design team to check that brand standards and functionality requirements were achieved. Aside from wireframing, I ensured that the designers created visual cues that helped define the user experience and directed the user through exploring multiple career paths, selecting future goals and creating an action-based plan for the future.


In the first months of the launch, the site engaged more than 400 employees. The site will eventually be utilized by more than 2000 employees. CareerNavigator has motivated Polycom employees to continue to grow and take on more leadership roles within the company.



Interactive Career Development Website

Project Role/Skills

Senior Project Manager
User Experience Strategy